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Mango Margarita Mix Singles
Mango Margarita Mix Singles

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Mango Margarita Mix Singles

Nutrition Facts
Baja Bob listened to all of your requests and created these portable packets that you can take wherever you go! Each box comes packed with 10 single-serve packets. Use one at a time or all 10 to make a batch for your guests. Simply...add water and tequila. Try substituting club soda for a refreshing non-alcoholic calorie and sugar-free mango soda. Either pour into glass filled with ice or blend with lots of ice to make slushy. Just $4.49 per box!

Let Bob break it down for you: ZERO calories per serving! * That's right, ZERO! The average sugar-loaded margarita mix can run over 250 calories per serving!
Nutrition label

Party Calculator

How Many Guests Will Be Attending?  
Hours Will Party Last?  
You Will Need The Following:
Baja Bob's Cocktail Mix (32oz. each):  
Tequila needed:   
Ice needed:  
Limes needed:  
Salt needed:  
This calculator is estimating that each guest will drink approximately one and a half standard 8 oz. cocktails per hour. Adjust numbers according to your guests drinking style

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