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Rainbow Pack

During the holiday season, delivery times may take longer than usual, while fulfillment processes and ships all orders being sent to them.  Orders may also be sent in multiple shipments, based on where the inventory is being shipped from, but be assured you will receive your complete order.  We thank you for your patience during this time.

Not sure what to get?  Try this new rainbow pack at an exceptional price.  20% off our regular prices.  This would normally be $47.94 if you bought them individually.


1 - Strawberry Daiquiri/Margarita Mix - 32oz

1 - Mai Tai Mix - 32oz

1 - Original Margarita - 32oz

1 - Sweet and Sour - 32oz

1 - Triple Citrus Margarita - 32oz

1 - Mojito - 32oz

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