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Professional Cocktail Glass Rimmer - Three-Tier

Whether you are a highly qualified bartender or an enthusiastic amateur, making professional cocktails becomes incredibly easy with this 3-tier glass rimmer.  Perfect for your bar, or for the bartending enthusiast in your life! This 3-Tier cocktail rimmer is ideal for preparing perfect margaritas or daiquiris every time!

The 3-Tiers feature a separate compartment for salt, sugar and citrus juice, allowing easy application on most glasses up to 5-1/2" in diameter. The juice compartment contains a special, long-lasting juice sponge that is also replaceable.

The rugged, smooth, solid black plastic construction folds quickly and easily and snaps closed for a spill-free transportation and storage. Each compartment is embossed and clearly labelled in gold lettering for simple and clear identifying of the contents.

  • Great for parties, bars or just for use at home, this glass rimmer kit will save you time and is mess-free. 
  • Salt for margaritas, sugar for daiquiris, or other garnishes for your house specialties.
  • Thick hard plastic casing. washable juice sponge.
  • Shifting compartment for function use and convenient storage.
  • Great as bartending tool for your kitchen.
  • Best helpful accessory for making cocktails like Margaritas and Daiquiris
  • Labeled compartment trays to easily identify the contents
  • Measures 2.88" x 7.88" x 6.25"

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