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Pina Colada Cocktail Mix - 32oz.

A low carb Pina Colada? Has Bob finally lost his mind? Let's just say he spent three months in "therapy" after he came up with this pineapple-infused prize. This creamy coconut concoction is so delicious, it's insane!  Made with real coconut cream, pineapple juice, and natural flavors! Just add rum.  

Each 32 oz. bottle makes 8 cocktails.

  • 30 calories  (The average pina colada mix runs over 300 calories per serving)
  • 4g sugar
  • 4g carbs (compare that to 38 grams per serving in the leading brand)

Sweetened with Splenda. Other sugar free mixes are made with erythritol or aspartame, which have an aftertaste and can have a laxative effect. Bob says, "No comment."

*The FDA has determined that the ingredient citric acid contains a small amount of calories and carbs whereas previously it was considered zero.  All food products that contain citric acid will now have to accurately reflect this nutritional information.  Cocktail mixes that contain citric acid and continue to claim zero calories and zero carbohydrates are inaccurate.  We are in the process of changing our packaging to reflect these new guidelines.     

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