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Pina Colada Mix

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We are absolutely giddy with excitement to introduce Baja Bob's newest member of the family.  As you know, Pina Colada's are notoriously high in calories, carbs and sugar.  The task our customers put us up to was to create a new Pina Colada mix, but in a powdered form. Bob worked tirelessly to create a powdered Pina Colada mix that is better than any liquid Pina Colada mix on the market, even ours.  That's why we discontinued our liquid version...it's that good!!!  Using natural pineapple and coconut flavors, Baja Bob created an authentic tasting creamy pina colada but without all the calories, carbs and sugar.  

Here's the skinny on this new mix... 

  • Only 5 calories  (Compare that to 230 calories in the leading brand)
  • 0g sugar (Compare that to 50 grams of sugar in the leading brand)
  • Only 1g carbs (Compare that to 53 grams in the leading brand)

With these new Pina Colada powder packets, you can take Bob's Pina Colada mix anywhere you go!  Easy directions on back of each packet show you how create a single cocktail or a big pitcher to blend with ice when the party gets going.

Each packet makes up to 16 cocktails!  

$7.95 per packet works out to $0.49/cocktail

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