About Baja Bob

Baja Bob and his spearfishing buddies have been partying in Baja Mexico for longer than they care to remember.  Reeling in fish all day and trading stories around a campfire all night had become a lasting tradition.  Delicious margaritas were a key ingredient to these perfect vacations.  But as the years grew, so too did their waistlines.  You see, the boys discovered they just couldn't pack away all those sugary margaritas without putting on some serious poundage.  On one particular trip that is remembered as both a breakthrough and a little embarrassing, all of the boys fessed up to being on low-carb diets.

They needed a plan, and straight tequila seemed the answer. This worked out for a while, but the boys missed their mainstay: the perfect margarita.  They also missed several days of work.  Angry phone calls from wives and girlfriends didn't help either.  Baja Bob, ever the trailblazer of the group, set to work.  It took innumerable batches of different alternative sweeteners and a lot of taste-testing to reach perfection.  He refused to compromise on flavor. But in the end, Baja Bob had invented the world's most delicious low sugar, low carb, and low calorie margarita mix!  It was a huge hit with all the ladies.  It was way too good to keep under wraps. Baja Bob wanted guilt-free margaritas to be enjoyed by partygoers everywhere!  What started with a simple band of buddies who didn't want to give up their beloved margaritas, has turned into a luscious line of deliciously authentic products.